I am Kat - 24 years old and passionate. Trying to navigate my way through adulthood one day at a time. Defender of animal and human rights. Politically left.

Live, let live, and love 


A Brief History

Being 24 I am simply trying to make my way through life one day at a time. Figuring things out as I go - attempting to make the world a better place, to stay true to myself, and to achieve my dreams. 

I started this blog to create an outlet for my passions, my insecurities, and to highlight what is currently happening in the world. I have a history of an eating disorder and a general knack for finding myself adrift and lost within my own world. 

I love animals more than people and am a proud vegan and advocate for animal rights. The rights of women and the underprivileged are also very close to my heart and a something I actively fight for. I adore fashion and style because it is by far the most unique and versatile and accessible form of self expression.

I hope to share my crazy journey with others and open my heart and mind to those from all over the world.